Palletower, the UK’s premier manufacturer, stockist and supplier of storage and logistics equipment, has created the UK’s market leading moulded collapsible plastic box pallet, offering manufacturers with a sustainable and space saving packaging production and distribution solution.

Sustainability is a front-of-mind topic for companies operating in the packaging industry and having partnered with Horen Group, China’s leading molder of returnable packaging, the plastic box pallets provide a cutting-edge, sustainable transportation solution within factories and in the distribution of transportation of a varied range of packaged products. The plastic box pallets, manufactured in the UK by IPL Global, are moulded in PP (Polypropylene).

This makes them durable and readily recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. The pallet can be collected and ground up to produce new, sustainable plastic box pallets, contributing to the circular economy.
The strong plastic sides protect products, and the space saving collapsibility is ideal for return logistics.

The container offers 840 litres of internal bulk storage with easy access and can be operated by one single person. Additionally, the pallets can be purchased as a custom mould or from stock, making it very versatile and convenient for packaging of all shapes and sizes.
The collapsible plastic boxes are available in a range of colours and when collapsed, the pallets have a height of 325mm, with a second stacked on top, only 290mm in height. Therefore, they can be stacked 8 high per space, taking up minimal store space and will be able to fit 208 in a full articulated truck, offering 4 times return capacity and therefore cutting return transport costs.
Travis Teague, sales director at Horen Group commented. He said, “The specialist, cutting-edge technology required for the moulding of the box makes it one of the best designed on the market. In a post-Covid world localisation is more important than ever. With rising costs of materials, exchange rates and energy prices fluctuating and continuous delays in delivery times, our decision to move production to the UK has helped tighten our partnership with Palletower. Going from strength-to-strength, we look forward to bringing new products to our UK manufacturing facility in the future.”

Matthew Palmer, Managing Director at Palletower says, “We are excited to be able to support packaging manufacturers and distributers as they transition to more sustainable operations. While there are many approaches and initiatives that businesses can take to become more eco-friendly, we believe that by adopting more sustainable transportation methods at a competitive price point is a key area that the packaging industry can focus on, and in turn contribute to the circular economy. Due to the large quantity of stock we carry, and our manufacture of the collapsible plastic box pallets through our mould partner in the UK IPL Global, we are able to offer short lead times, suited to meet high turnover demands.”

For more information on Palletower and the new collapsible plastic pallet boxes, visit

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