2021 saw BB Engineering GmbH (Germany) deliver a melt filter for recycling PET flakes to polyester manufacturer Indorama Polyester Industries (Thailand). Indorama will be using the type NSF38 filter in its recently assembled recycling sys-tem in order to produce rPET granulate from flake PET bottle waste. The NSF38 filter enables continual filtering – in other words, the system switches from one filter to the other during the process without the need for conversion shut-downs. The filter allows the processing of consumer waste – for example, in the form of shredded PET bottles – into new, high-quality rPET granulate. This granulate is subsequently processed into manmade fibers in spinning systems.

The NSF38 is a switchable filter with a filter surface area of approx. 16 m2 on each side, with throughputs of between 1,000 and 1,900 kg/h. The filter inserts each contain 19 pleat-ed filter candles (60 x 1,000mm Ø). The filter medium com-prises a sintered metal fiber nonwoven with a filtration fine-ness of 25 µm. This ensures that the melt remains free of con-taminants and gel particles, which in turn enables the produc-tion of high-quality end products.

BB Engineering GmbH is a German machine building compa-ny founded in 1997 as a joint venture between Oerlikon Bar-mag, a subsidiary of Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG, and Brückner Group GmbH. Today, the company employs more than 160 members of staff at its location in Remscheid, Ger-many, focusing their business on the development, engineer-ing, design and manufacturing of extrusion and filtration tech-nologies as well as complete spinning lines (VarioFil) and re-cycling technologies (VacuFil, Visco+) for the plastics and tex-tiles industry. The services offered range from the design and planning phases all the way through to the implementation of projects.

For more information about BB Engineering please visit: www.bbeng.de

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