SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, launched today new LNP™ STAT-KON™ and LNP™ STAT-LOY™ compounds. The products offer enhanced anti-static performance for applications regulated under the European Union’s increasingly stringent ATEX directive governing equipment used in explosive atmospheres. The new technologies can potentially replace less-effective metals and coated or filled polymers in electronics enclosures, automation equipment, equipment housings, lighting fixtures, safety gear and hand-held devices such as flashlights.

“SABIC is deeply committed to assisting customers with ATEX regulatory compliance by proactively developing specialized anti-static materials. Our new LNP grades feature optimized electrostatic discharge formulations that offer unique properties such as colorability and have been subjected to rigorous testing by an independent third-party laboratory,” said Joshua Chiaw, Director, Business Management LNP & NORYL, Specialties, SABIC. “These new compounds not only help accelerate time to market, but they also can enhance application performance, durability, aesthetics and processing to provide a competitive differentiator.”

The two new products are based on SABIC’s LNP™ copolymers technology. LNP™ STAT-KON™ DD000XI compound is an advanced material that provides exceptional electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection while retaining excellent impact resistance to safeguard sensitive electronics and offers processing ease. LNP™ STAT-LOY™ D3000IEU6 compound is a colorable product that offers opportunities to reduce costly secondary painting operations. Its proprietary polymer blend ensures sufficient ESD performance without interfering with electronic signals.

Designed with ATEX in Mind
LNP STAT-KON DD000XI compound and LNP STAT-LOY D3000IEU6 compound address ATEX safety requirements for electrical conductivity while giving customers a choice of desirable performance and processing attributes. LNP STAT-KON DD000XI compound provides surface resistivity in a range of 106 – 1010 Ω. It delivers high impact performance at low temperatures and after long-term hydro aging, as well as high heat resistance (a heat deflection temperature of 140°C @ 0.45 MPa (VICAT can also be considered instead)). The material’s broad processing window and high flow can enable thin-wall designs to reduce weight, while its easy mold release – relevant for parts with relatively sharp draft angles – helps expand design flexibility.
Compared to conventional carbon powder-filled polycarbonate (PC) solutions, LNP STAT-KON DD000XI compound delivers higher practical flow and a wider processing window, further expanding productivity and design freedom. Its higher impact resistance helps address the needs of increasingly demanding assembly and use conditions.

LNP STAT-LOY D3000IEU6 compound provides a surface resistivity of 109 – 1011 Ω to address the ATEX regulations, while allowing high transmission of electrical signals such as radar, radio and
wi-fi. The signature feature of this product is its full colorability – with an extensive palette including vivid shades and good color retention after processing. Using this LNP STAT-LOY material, customers can enhance their applications with a broad range of colors for branding, aesthetics or safety indications without the drawbacks of coating and painting operations. Previously, PC-based grades for ATEX applications were mainly available in black.

Other prominent benefits of LNP STAT-LOY D3000IEU6 compound include its high impact strength at low temperatures (ductile down to -30 °C), and a high degree of impact retention after hydro aging.

“With each update, the ATEX equipment directive becomes more stringent and impacts a widening range of applications – from industrial, electrical and mechanical equipment to electronics and healthcare applications,” said Luc Govaerts, Director, Formulation& Application, Specialties, SABIC. “Our new anti-static materials are engineered using unique LNP copolymer technology to help customers meet ATEX requirements for their end applications more easily and reliably. SABIC is staying ahead of changing requirements by continually developing new technologies that result in new and differentiated products. This ongoing expansion of our portfolio will enable new applications and provide solutions for meeting ATEX regulations in the future.”

Upcoming Webinar
SABIC will present an informative free, technical webinar on the new LNP anti-static materials on Dec. 6 at 3:00 p.m. CET/9:00 a.m. EST. Register to reserve your spot at this event

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