EcoBlue Ltd., Thailand’s first bottle-to-bottle recycler, has invested 25 million US Dollars to set up a new recycling facility for PET and polyolefins. A new Starlinger PET bottle-to-bottle recycling line is going to be part of the expansion.

“Our aim is to turn post-consumer and post-industrial waste materials into a sustainable substitute of virgin resin”, explains Pranay Jain, founder and Managing Director of EcoBlue Ltd. “In anticipation of the increased commitment of organisations towards sustainability, EcoBlue has invested in setting up a new world-class recycling facility with the very best technologies for PET and polyolefins recycling. By having Starlinger as a technology partner, we will ensure that we are able to provide consistent and high-quality bottle-grade rPET to our customers.”
Starlinger’s recoSTAR PET 215 iV+ bottle-to-bottle recycling system will be delivered to EcoBlue’s production site in Rayong Province, Thailand, in July 2021 and within the following weeks be assembled by the local Starlinger technician with remote support from Starlinger’s headquarters in Austria. The line reaches an output of 2,500 kg per hour, equalling a total production capacity of about 20,000 tons of bottle-grade rPET per year.

High quality food-grade rPET made from certified 100 % post-consumer recycled waste
EcoBlue is Thailand’s first recycling company to receive the Letter of No-Objection (LNO) by the US FDA for its “3D Pure” rPET for use in food-contact applications. The Starlinger technology will enable EcoBlue to provide superior quality rPET resin for bottle applications. EcoBlue’s “3D Pure” rPET can be traced back to 100 % Post-Consumer PET waste material through its Global Recycled Standard Certification process.

Providing sustainable recycled resin to brand owners for reducing their carbon foot print
“We aim to work towards a circularity of resources by diverting post-consumer and post-industrial waste materials from landfills to the recycling stream”, explains Pranay Jain the motivation that drives the company. EcoBlue was founded in 2013 and has developed unique capabilities to produce high-quality rPET, rPP and rHDPE from post-consumer and industrial waste, providing a sustainable substitute to virgin resin. EcoBlue’s commitment towards sustainability does not only consist in providing high-quality recycled resin that can help reduce the carbon foot print of environmentally conscious organisations, but also in ensuring that it is produced in safe and equitable working conditions with no harmful impact on people and the environment. “With our portfolio of recycled products we provide a choice of sustainable raw materials for companies which look to reduce their impact on the environment”, says Pranay Jain.

Bigger extruder sizes meet customer demands
A unique feature of the Starlinger PET recycling line is its special extruder size: With the 215 mm screw the line reaches an output of 2,500 kg per hour. “We sold the first PET recycling line with these extruder dimensions in 2019 and have witnessed a growing demand for this capacity since then. It is currently one of the most popular extruder sizes on the market and meets the existing trend towards higher extrusion capacities perfectly. The incoming orders for 215 mm extruders for bottle-to-bottle applications exceed even our expectations”, explains Andreas Pechhacker, General Manager of Starlinger recycling technology.

Remote installation during the global pandemic
Starlinger, like so many other machine and technology providers all over the world, tries to support its customers in every situation. “Machine installations and commissioning are definitely a challenge in these times”, continues Andreas Pechhacker. “With travel restrictions and quarantine periods in place in many countries we are glad that we have local technicians based all over the world. This helped us already in the pandemic year of 2020 to get new equipment up and running as quickly as possible. In the case of EcoBlue, the technician from our Starlinger Thailand Office will be in charge for the installation of the new PET recycling line, with remote support from his colleagues in Austria, if necessary. All equipment has been tested and commissioned before shipment. Based on Starlinger’s plug & play principle, installation and commissioning of the recycling system at the customer’s site can be carried out quickly and smoothly. This way we ensure that EcoBlue can take up production as soon as possible.”

EcoBlue is a recycling company based in Thailand that offers high quality rPET, rHDPE and rPP made from post-consumer and industrial waste. It is a pioneer in offering high quality rPET with FDA approval for the PET Film application which has been proven to work well for films with 90 % rPET content. EcoBlue’s high-IV bottle-grade rPET can be used up to 100 % for clear bottles suitable for food contact.
EcoBlue also works towards Circularity of Resources by bringing difficult-to-recycle materials like films and laminates into the recycling stream. This gives materials which would have otherwise ended up in landfills a second life and reduces their impact on the environment.

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