LANXESS supports masterbatch producers in the process of formulating colored biodegradable plastics by offering pigment analysees. As a result, the Inorganic Pigments business unit (IPG) offers a unique service by providing its customers with recommendations regarding the maximum pigment concentration of iron oxide pigments of the Colortherm brand in so-called bioplastic formulations with a low heavy-metal content.

“Our Colortherm iron oxide pigments are ideally suited to the task of coloring compostable plastics. The decomposition of the polymer is not affected,” says Stefano Bartolucci, Global Market Segment Manager for Plastics at IPG. “Based on the recommended pigment dosing, masterbatch producers can instantly develop individual formulations for colored biodegradable plastics – no expensive pigment screening is required,” says Bartolucci. Thanks to the Colortherm-brand iron oxide pigments from LANXESS, which, unlike alternative products on the market, are proven to be almost completely free from heavy metals, the limits for biodegradable plastics can be reliably maintained, even with a high pigment content.

Due to regulated heavy-metal levels, certain pigment classes cannot be used for coloring biodegradable plastics made from renewable or fossil resources. This is the case with, for example, nickel-, chrome- or copper-based pigments.

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