More space, modularity, and ease of use with multi-component injection moulding

Arburg is launching a new series for production-efficient multi-component injection moulding: the Allrounder More, with its particularly flexible configuration, can now be perfectly adapted to specific customer and market requirements. The machines offer increased space for larger moulds, greater modularity during assembly, as well as numerous optimised features for greater ease of use and simple maintenance.

“Multi-component injection moulding is a very significant and very demanding process. As a pioneer in this sector, we have more than 60 years of technical applications-based expertise. Our ultra-modern range of machines has been developed upon this foundation”, explains Gerhard Böhm, Managing Director Sales and Service at Arburg. “We very much look forward to the Fakuma trade fair, at which we shall be showcasing the new Allrounder More which covers requirements down to the smallest of details. The first machines will be available to order from October 2021.”

Electric clamping combined with flexible injection
All Allrounder More machines are equipped as standard with a highly dynamic electric toggle-type clamping unit with energy-efficient liquid-cooled servo motors. At series start, the machines have two electric injection units and a clamping force of either 1,600 or 2,000 kN, as required. In future, it will be possible to select injection positions using modules. At series start, one horizontal and one vertical injection unit (V-position) will be available as standard. Horizontal L-shaped (L-position), parallel vertical or parallel horizontal (P-position), and angular (W-position) injection units will additionally be available as options. This will enable all common two-component applications to be realised.

Plenty of free space for mould and ejector
This is because Allrounder More machines provide significantly more space for moulds, rotary units, media connections and a usable ejector stroke. The tie-bars have been extended by 200 millimetres as standard and the moving mould mounting platen has also been enlarged by 200 millimetres. The distance between tie-bars is 570 x 570 millimetres, and the maximum platen daylight 1,200 millimetres. The sliding guard has also been widened by 400 millimetres. Together, all these features facilitate accessibility to the mould area.

The details make the difference
Special emphasis has been placed on ease of maintenance and use. Among such features are plug-in media couplings for electrics, water and hydraulics. The cylinder module can be changed in a few easy steps. The vertical injection unit can be conveniently positioned on a support frame, placed on the ground and transported separately from the machine if required.
The material is fed outside the mould area so it cannot be contaminated by granules. Hose guides optimise hose routing and prevent possible chafing marks.
With its numerous improvements to details and modular design, the new Allrounder More series meets all the requirements of a modern multi-component machine. It offers customers from a wide range of industries added flexibility for precision configuration and greater efficiency in the production of high-quality plastic parts made from different materials and colours.

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