Longtime Davis-Standard customer, Eagle Manufacturing, recently commissioned its fourteenth Davis-Standard blow molding machine to support industrial safety markets.

The 40-pound dual accumulator head machine, installed in May, is primarily being used for molding large storage drums made of chemical resistant high-density polyethylene. Eagle Manufacturing is one of the leading sources of industrial storage, handling and security products in the world. This includes fire prevention safety equipment for hazardous materials, environmental protection spill containment devices, and specialized storage products. Disposal cans, safety cabinets, column protectors, outdoor ashtrays, parking stops, spill containment pallets and rack guards are all part of Eagle Manufacturing’s extensive product portfolio.

“We have been a Davis-Standard customer for over 30 years,” said Dave Harvey, Eagle Manufacturing’s Vice President of Operations. “Our highly skilled craftsmen and operators have grown to trust Davis-Standard for reliability and great equipment performance. This latest blow molder has already been excellent with even faster cycle times than our existing machines. One of the best improvements from previous models is the cooling design with forced air blowers on the barrel. We’re able to attain consistent process temperature control without dealing with the maintenance of a closed-loop system.”

As with prior installations, Davis-Standard collaborated with Eagle Manufacturing’s team to engineer machine specifications according to their processes and product range. Custom feedscrew designs, part consistency, responsive parison control, cycle-to-cycle precision and efficient wall distribution have been instrumental in helping the company deliver high-quality products with excellent value to their customers. In addition to supplying Eagle Manufacturing with new equipment over the years, Davis-Standard has retrofitted used non Davis-Standard machines to improve performance. Quality control upgrades, spiral core tube retrofits, head reconditioning and replacement screws have added internal efficiencies, which are essential to Eagle Manufacturing’s one-stop operation, which takes products from concept to design, to testing and market-ready.

“Our business is built around three principles; integrity, innovation and customer service,” added Harvey. “Our product design, methods and processes, and getting products to market in a timely manner have been foundational to our growth and success. We are grateful to have a partner like Davis-Standard that supplies the machinery technology we need to provide market leadership and superior products.”

For more information about Eagle Manufacturing, visit www.eagle-mfg.com

For more information about Davis-Standard’s blow molding capabilities, visit https://bit.ly/3AbGzL8

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