MTA, headquartered in Codogno, in northern Italy, is one of only a few companies certified to manufacture automotive fuses. In order to combine its high quality standards with efficiency, the company primarily relies on tie-bar-less injection moulding machines by ENGEL. In spring 2021, the 100th machine, an ENGEL victory, was delivered to MTA, just in time for the 25th anniversary of the partnership between the two family-owned companies.

MTA relied on ENGEL tie-bar-less technology right from the outset. The very first ENGEL machine delivered to MTA in Italy in 1996 was a tie-bar-less model from the ES series, the forerunner of today’s victory machines. There are now nearly 60 ENGEL machines in Codogno. MTA operates other ENGEL machines in Slovakia, Morocco and Brazil. The victory is the machine model of choice in all plants. From tiny plug-in fuses, connectors, fuse holders and radiator caps to complete power distribution units, MTA covers a very wide range of electrical and electronic products for the automotive, motorcycle, commercial vehicle and off-highway verhicle industries. Set-up work is correspondingly frequent, and this is where the tie-bar-less clamping unit of the victory machines proves to offer a clear-cut efficiency advantage. The short set-up times lead to a high utilisation of the machines.

Precision and reliability decisive
The high reliability is decisive for MTA’s long-term cooperation with ENGEL. “Consistent processes and high precision are the be-all and end-all for us. ENGEL victory machines allow us to maintain our high quality standards while producing large quantities in a very efficient way,” emphasises Maria Vittoria Falchetti,

Marketing & Communication Manager at MTA. “Quality, technology and innovation – these shared values make up our cooperation. And global presence is a benefit on top. In all of the countries in which MTA produces, ENGEL is also represented with a strong local service.”

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