Husky Injection Molding Systems, Ltd., a leading industrial technology provider to the plastics processing community, is proud to announce the release of the UltraShotTM Injection System. This innovative, next generation melt delivery and control system eliminates the deficiencies of traditional injection molding processes and creates unique value and opportunity for producers by making it possible to mold the perfect part at scale, with unmatched quality.

“With the UltraShotTM Injection System, we are re-engineering the injection molding process. We are breaking down the barriers of traditional injection molding processes in order to achieve higher levels of capability, control and overall part design freedom. The UltraShotTM Injection System is a game changer and provides better control than anything else in the industry. This approach is especially important now with massive, increased demand and speed-to-market, especially in the medical market, for example, where production risks and scalability are critical,” said John Galt, President and CEO, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Ltd.

Breakthrough Technology
The melt delivery system is the “heart” of the injection molding process and is essential to mold cell performance. The UltraShotTM Injection System masters part filling in a way that provides part design freedom, while reducing risk and improving part quality and speed of mold qualification. With “Husky Inside”, producers ensure that the center of their system performs optimally, every shot. It offers unmatched OEE and increased productivity, at a reduced footprint, resulting in lowest total part production cost. It is the perfect fit for medical, technical packaging and consumer electronic part producers looking to scale up, implement more efficient process control, address competitive marketplaces, and reduce risk, scrap, waste and cost.
Mold the unmoldable and imagine the opportunities with the UltraShotTM Injection System.

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